Why unlimited paid time off is not so crazy

Paid time off is big news this year.

In his 2014 State of the Union address, President Obama lamented that more than 43 million workers had no paid time off. He later issued an executive order requiring government contractors to provide a minimum of seven paid days off per year to their employees. He then made a similar proposal to Congress (which wasn’t exactly received with open arms). Nonetheless, both Democratic presidential candidates support a nationally mandated paid time off bill and even Donald Trump is non-committal on the idea. It could happen.

Actually, it is happening. Read More…

Five Tech Developments Business Owners Need To Know About, Including Smart Homes And Google’s Incubator


(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Peter Thiel and Mitt Romney Are Part of $100 Million Funding Round for a Company That Wants to Be the Apple of Smart Homes.

From Forbes.comBillionaire tech investor Peter Thiel is co-leading a $100 million investment in Provo, Utah-based smart home company Vivint , the company announced Wednesday. This is a personal investment from Thiel, who is best known for cofounding PayPal and his early investments in Facebook and Airbnb. Solamere Capital, a Boston-based private firm that counts former US presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a partner, was the other co-lead.

Why this is important for your business: Read More…

Why Is McDonald’s Buying a Bunch of Tablets?


(This post originally appeared on Fox Business)

I was at a conference last week, discussing the impact of a $15 per hour minimum wage on small businesses, particularly retailers and restaurants.

“What will these businesses do?” one participant asked. “How can they possibly manage to survive with their wages increasing this much? It’s not as if they can just raise their prices.” Some businesses may be able to do that. But not most.

But something else will also happen. These businesses, particularly the ones run by smart business owners, will figure out how to get more stuff done with less people. How? Ask McDonald’s. Read More…

5 Ways You Annoy Your Employer

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.04.17 AM

(This post originally appeared on Entrepreneur)

First of all know this: you’re valuable. We love you. You’re important to the business. It’s just that, well, sometimes as an employee you can do things that get under our skin. Want some examples? OK, here are five. Yes, some may seem petty. But they’re for real.

1. Too much chit-chat.
When we see you and a fellow employee chit-chatting in the break room for more than a few minutes our antenna goes up and our cognitive calculator clicks into gear. We start calculating how much your little catch up on Game of Thrones is costing by the hour. And just a 10 minute conversation amongst a few of you can cost $50 or $100 in lost time. You’re rolling your eyes, right? That doesn’t sound like much. But hey…it’s a dinner out with the spouse, right? And you’ve just taken that away. Trust me, every business owner thinks this at one time or another. Read More…

Prince Left No Will–And a Legal Morass for His Loved Ones


(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

As I wrote yesterday, Prince’s death was both surprising and devastating. He was truly a great artist, a nice person and a musical genius. Apart from his fans, his death will have a huge image on large numbers of people, particularly everyone–from his employees to studio musicians to technicians–who relied on his business for their livelihoods.

Business owners like you, me and Prince (and yes, he was a business owner) should always know that our actions affect the lives of many. And they are also those most affected by our poor decisions–like not getting help or counseling. That was my point yesterday.

And then more news broke: Prince left no will! Read More…

These Are The Real Victims of Prince’s Death


(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

Prince’s death last week took the world by surprise. And it was a shame.

We lost a prolific songwriter. A musical icon. A world famous pop star. And, we can all agree, a successful businessman. Over the course of his career he’s sold millions of albums and played to countless fans. He lived in a palatial residence that doubled as a recording studio. He was often seen in his community in an around Minneapolis, renting out movie theatres and paying for parties.

Prince’s death is still under investigation. Many say that he was health conscious, physically active and not a drug-user. But there are rumors that it was substance related and that he stayed awake for days before he died. There are confirmed reports that he was taken in an emergency visit to a hospital on the way back from a performance just a few days before. There are photos of him visiting drug stores and other unconfirmed reports from people who allegedly sold him drugs in the past. Whatever is found by the investigation it’s clear that his death wasn’t natural. Something was going on. And he knew it. Which is what makes his death even more devastating. Not for him…but for his other victims. Read More…


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