How A Short, Balding CPA Became GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Sex Symbol


(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

One of the best things about the Super Bowl? The commercials! And, guys, who makes the best Super Bowl commercials? Let’s not even argue: it’s alwaysGoDaddy. Every year you could count on the website provider to produce yet another funny, sexy, slightly inappropriate 30 second spot with scantily clad women, Danica Patrick and drooling men. This year, Danica’s back. But there are no scantily clad women. Instead GoDaddy has found another sex symbol to worship.

It’s me. Short, bald, me…the CPA. The small business owner. I am the new GoDaddy sex symbol.

These customers are now running their own lives from their mobile devices. They are flocking, by the millions, to services like YelpFoursquare,TripAdvisor and OpenTable to find new places, engage new services and check in with their friends. An average consumer uses 2.5 different sources online when looking for business information.  They are demanding directions, opening hours, and the ability to leave their comments about their experience. The typical small business has to be present now on all these communities if they want to grow their companies. Appearing in more places, with accurate information, increases the opportunities that a business has to attract attention from customers online. Managing this is becoming yet another headache for me.

Today GoDaddy is launching their new Get Found service. And on Sunday you’ll see their new Super Bowl ad promoting the service. And the sex symbol will be the small business owner. Yeah, that’s right. Short, balding, me.

Like me, the typical small business owner no longer has just a website. Our company information is listed on dozens of websites. This is how we stay relevant and reel in more customers. This is how social networking is changing the way we do business. The problem is that we don’t have the time to keep all of this information current. And our information changes all the time: opening/closing hours, daily specials, menu items, new services, special offers, even a change in phone numbers. And if it’s wrong, we lose customers.

“When customers see missing or inaccurate information about your business, they go to a competitor,” said GoDaddy VP/General Manager of Discovery Marketing Products Rene Reinsberg. “Businesses miss potential revenue when information is missing or inaccurate. With Get Found, businesses will never miss out on a new customer because they didn’t change their address, phone number or hours of operation.”

Get Found follows on the heels of Go Daddy’s recent partnership with Microsoft to bring Office 365 to their small business customer base. That’s because we also need help providing more efficient mobile tools for our own employees to create documents, store files, check emails and share information.

The potential? Huge. GoDaddy already has millions of small business customers. There are tens of millions more in this country alone and around the world. We are all struggling with multiple sites, listings, documents, files, services and other cloud based solutions to help us manage our companies. It’s all great. But it’s getting complicated. And resource-intensive. Over time, we will need more simplification and more consolidation of these services. And the companies hosting our websites are starting to realize the huge potential here.

For GoDaddy, scantily clad women are no longer their Super Bowl sex symbols. Balding, middle aged men running small businesses are. That’s me. Can you believe it?



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