Five Things In Tech Last Week That Impact Your Business


(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Here are five things that happened in tech this week that have a big impact on your business.

1. Google will soon start punishing mobile sites that use annoying app install ads.

As reported by TechCrunch: Starting November 1, sites that show app install ads that hide “a significant amount of content on the transition from the search result page” will be penalized by losing their “mobile-friendly” status. This means they will likely rank lower on Google’s mobile search results pages.

Why this is important for your business: Google’s suppression of these types of mobile ads continues a trend of ad-blocking that causing concern among many companies that rely on mobile and online advertising to grow their sales. Pop-up ads are annoying to many of us (particularly the ones that launch into loud videos) but are a vital part of marketing to many businesses.

2. LinkedIn puts Slack in its crosshairs with an updated messaging platform.

As reported by Gigaom: …an update to the company’s messaging system, which previously looked like an email client from the ’90s, makes LinkedIn seem more like a place where people can have meaningful conversations instead of meaningless connections. The update is pretty standard stuff. In addition to sporting a new chat-like interface, the new messages can also support animated GIFs and stickers. LinkedIn, much like its middle-aged user base, is catching up to the times.

Why this is important for your business: internal messaging communication apps have exploded over the past few years, withSlack being among the new leaders. Now LinkedIs in offering an inexpensive alternative to enormous user base and seems like a formidable alternative to Slack.

3. A leading poultry producer launches a mobile site with a live-streaming component. 

In a press release, Springer Mountain Farms, a Georgia producer known for its flavorful chicken without antibiotics, has released its new mobile site, hosting a variety of recipes, cooking tips for the at-home chef, event information and live-streamed cooking demonstrations giving users behind-the-scene looks into local kitchens of some of the Southeast’s best restaurants.

Why this is important for your business: I love old-school, traditional companies doing new things with technology. And why not use today’s inexpensive, live-streaming technology to provide information, entertainment and education to your customers and community?

4.  Samsung says its smartwatch has over 1,000 apps.

As reported by CNBC: The South Korean electronics giant revealed that its smartwatch will be compatible with several Android devices rather than just its own phones and is launching with more than 1,000 apps. The Gear S2 is the electronics giant’s first round-faced smartwatch and will come in two versions—a sporty model for those “on the go,” and the “Classic” which offers a simpler design with a black leather band. It also includes technology such as near-field communication (NFC) for its contactless Samsung Pay and fitness features like a heart rate tracker.

Why this is important for your business: there’s no question that smartwear and the Internet of Things is in our future. But as a business owner or manager do you invest in the Apple Watch or a Samsung device? Both are battling hard for market share. I’m still waiting…

5. The cassette tape is far from dead.

As reported by Mashable: The audiocassette tape is not dead. In fact, one Springfield, Mo., cassette maker says it has had its best year since it opened in 1969. NAC is the largest and one of the few remaining manufacturers of audiocassettes in the U.S. The profitable company produced more than 10 million tapes in 2014 and sales are up 20% this year. “Probably the thing that has really enlarged our business at a faster phase than anything is the retro movement,” the company’s President said. “There’s the nostalgia of holding the audio cassette in your hand.

Why this is important for your business: technology doesn’t have to be cool, hip or cutting edge. It just needs to be useful. Don’t throw out your old PC if it’s still doing the job for you. Buy an old PC if it fits into your network better and causes you the least amount of headaches. And rock on!


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