A Few Holiday Gift Ideas for the People Important To Your Business

The holiday time is when you want to reach out to your customers, your vendors, your partners and just say: thank you. And what better way then to send something that says you care? The best place to find professional gifts is, in my opinion, Staples. That’s where I’ll go this holiday season. I’m already making my list. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. But something that shows they’re appreciated. Ready?

How about a nice calendar? I look at my calendar every day. It’s from a gas station down the street with no personality at all. Getting together with my employees to take photos of things we like about our business and community would create a great calendar for my clients that people can hang on their wall and chuckle, or make them happier or…maybe think of us. This is something that can last the entire year.

Or some cool wall art. I have a lot of people working for me and a lot of customers, partners and friends. How much fun would it be to put together a series of large posters depicting our team, our customers, our community? And then getting those posters framed, sorted and sent to various people in our community who would appreciate them. It would really help to show off how awesome our company is and how important they are too.

Something made especially for special people would be nice too. I’d like to make a list, a short and specific list, of the people who are extra special to my business (our largest customers, our most important partners) and the send them something special. Something personalized, like a coffee mug, or maybe a cool baseball cap with our company logo.

Maybe have a little party? Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive. But a little event paid for by my company at a local restaurant or even in our offices that shows some appreciation for our employees and our partners and customers that are local. And how lucky we all are to have jobs and a place that’s providing a livelihood for us to live and save and hopefully put our kids through school. A party would be nice.

Even just a card would go a really long way. At Staples Copy & Print Center I can create the best, most professional and creative card and they will even help me send it out to my community.

These are all things that I think my community would like. It’s been a pretty good year. And I’m greatly in debt to my customers, my partners, my vendors.  I wouldn’t have to go far. Staples Copy & Print offers all of this stuff – and they’ve dropped their prices on many of these items. Even if I can’t decide on what’s best, a simple gift card where my customers can take advantage of Staples marketing and design services would be appreciated. After all, my business wouldn’t be a business with out the community that supports it. And isn’t this the best time of year to show my appreciation?





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