Why It’s So Important To Outsource This Holiday Season


Brian Moran, a small business and social media expert, was offering some advice on are recent Tweetchat for Staples and mentioned the importance of outsourcing. “Do what you do best,” Brian tweeted. “And outsource the rest.”

He is so, so right.

Outsourcing. Delegation. Call it what you want. But the smartest business owners I know are great at focusing on their strengths and getting others to do what they don’t do as well. I’ve learned this over the years. Resources are always stretched tight. You can’t be a genius at everything. You have to know when to get help. And for most of us there’s plenty of help available. We can outsource our accounting, our payroll, our marketing, our telemarketing, our customer service. And, as the holidays approach, we can outsource even more to Staples. That’s because Staples will take responsibility for the tasks we need to get done so that we can focus on other, more profitable tasks.   For example…

Staples mailing services will handle mailing and shipping. Now that Staples has teamed up with UPS, we can bring our packages, regardless of size, to just about any location and have it sent out the right way, 7 days a week. Better yet, we don’t even need to bring our packages – Staples employees will help with the folding, stamping and taping. They’ll provide the bubble wrap, foam and inserts. They’ll make sure our packages get out on time and to the right place. And during the holiday season, this is more important than ever. We don’t need a mailroom for this. We can outsource all of this to Staples.

Staples Tech Services is a one stop shop for outsourced technology support. Their trained technicians can help with virus and malware removal, tuning up of computers, the recovery of lost data if there’s a crash and there’s even a small business help desk to answer tech questions on just about anything. But that’s not all – tech associates can come onsite to setup new devices, configure a network, install software or hardware and back up files. Being in the technology business myself I know how a single software bug or hardware crash can disrupt an entire day. Don’t make the mistake of trying to figure this stuff out on your own…you’re not an expert. Instead, you can outsource this work to the experts at Staples and continue to focus on what you do best.

Staples Copy & Print will help you eliminate your in-house copier and reduce the amount of administrative time spent doing unproductive work. Whether you’re doing a year end party, designing holiday cards or just printing out invitations to an event, the Staples Copy & Print will handle everything from design to production to delivery. Some business owners insist on doing all of this in-house – and the results are always inferior. Remember Brian’s advice: do what you do best. Are you an expert designer? No? Neither am I. Outsource it to Staples and don’t spend the time on things you’re not at good.

To succeed small business owners need to outsource. And there’s no better place to outsource your work this holiday season than Staples.


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