Now you can order food with a selfie

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

Can we get even more lazy? Can things become even more convenient? That’s the challenge many small businesses are facing in these days of same-day delivery, Netflix, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexi.  So, in the never-ending quest to make life easier, two American entrepreneurs will soon be using selfies to deliver food to hot and hungry beachgoers in New York’s Rockaway Beach,reports The Times in London.

The entrepreneurs are Justin Harter and Mathew Blance-Stephanny. They own an ice-cream shop called CitySticks and they’re setting out to solve a problem that has plagued beachgoers since the dawn of time: How can I get a Popsicle without losing my coveted spot near the ocean?  There must be a better way, they thought. And sure enough there is; a unique kind of delivery service that will leverage today’s technology to deliver the ultimate prize…ice cream. An app is born.

The app, called Combrr (their way of spelling beachcomber) will enable users to order an ice-pop (or barbecue food from another local vendor who’s joining in the fun) and request delivery. How to find them on a crowded summer beach? No problem – the app will make use of available GPS technology. Oh, and customers will be asked to take a selfie too so that the delivery person can identify the right party by their smiling and sweaty face. Patrons can even track the status of the delivery because God forbid if they have to wait too long for an ice cream. The two entrepreneurs know their market too – according to the article beaches like Rockaway in Long Island have “become new epicenters of hipsterdom, filled with foodies and surfers.”

It’s a great idea.  And what’s better is that neither Harter or Blance-Stephanny are tech nerds.  Like smart business people they’re doing what they do best (ice cream) and outsourcing the rest. So they’re farming out the programming work to programmers in India.  The app is set to be launched soon.


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