GoDaddy is hiring grand-daddies

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

Remember that movie with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway called “The Intern?”

It was a warm and touching story about how a hard-driving, successful small business owner (Hathaway) hired an out-of-work middle aged guy (guess who?) as an intern and he not only helped her business, but he taught her a few lessons about life. The movie even got a 7.2 on IMDB, which isn’t too shabby.

The makers of that movie were definitely on to something: Older, out-of-work people can be good for a business, big or small.

At least that’s what GoDaddy thinks. The web-hosting, cloud-platform company announced Tuesday that it was looking for interns. And not the fresh-faced, eager-beaver business majors still in college. They’re looking for the older and wiser De Niro kind.

The company is joining Path Forward’s Return To Work program. (Disclosure: GoDaddy is a client of my business)

Path Forward is a nonprofit organization committed to getting people back into the workforce, regardless of age, gender and how long they’ve been out of work. According to its press release, GoDaddy plans to open up three, 18-week paid internships to mid-career professionals returning to the workplace. The company expects that most of the candidates will be people who have work experience but took off a few years to care for others and is prepared, with Path Forward, to offer “training and networking events designed to help ease the transition back to work.”

“There is a wealth of exceptionally talented people who can get overlooked because they’ve been out of the workplace caring for loved ones,” GoDaddy Chief People Officer Auguste Goldman said in a statement. “Offering caregivers an onramp to get re-acclimated and feel supported in their transition back into the workplace is the right thing to do. This program makes that transition as seamless as possible and affords those professionals the opportunity to refresh their skills and return to careers they’re passionate about.”

He’s right. There’s an enormous group of intelligent, hard-working middle age (and not-so-middle age) people who want jobs but are finding it tough to get back to the workplace because they’ve been out of the workplace for so long – oftentimes for reasons not in their control. In these times of tight labor and competition for good people, this is a pool of talent that can be a great resource for any sized business, especially small companies who are in competition with larger, more deep-pocketed corporate competitors.

Maybe even you can find your next middle-aged intern like De Niro. But if you know what’s good for you, I’d suggest not to bringing up the olive oil business.


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