3 Ways Staples Can Help You Increase Your Profits This Year


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Want to grow your profits this year? You can sell more. Or you can cut your expenses. Or you can do both, just by visiting Staples. The popular office supply giant offers many ways for its customers to increase sales and reduce costs. Here are three that I recommend.

1 – Use Print & Marketing Services.

If you’re just running into Staples to buy some paper, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity – Staples’ Print & Marketing Services.

Here you can bring your presentations, copy and print jobs and have them professionally and quickly done without taking up the time (and resources) required by someone in house. But more importantly, you can rely on Print & Marketing Services to provide the kind of marketing assistance that would cost significantly more if you were to do it yourself.

At Staples you can:

  • Use the center to create eye-catching business cards and professional looking signs, banners and posters.
  • Get your postcards, flyers and brochures designed and printed with the help of their consultants and in-store experts.
  • Ask for help with promotional products – from coffee mugs to T-shirts – that can be made for your next event.
  • Make sure your branding is consistent across all of your stationary, envelopes, business forms and checks.
  • Choose the right personalized gifts and giveaways for customers, partners and employees.

When there’s something to celebrate, lean on Staples Print & Marketing Services to help you create photo cards, invitations and announcements.

Staples Print & Marketing Services is an outsourced marketing and administrative arm of your company, staffed with trained experts to help you launch marketing campaigns, do the right things at your next trade show, build your brand, attract attention for your business and create meaningful connections. Taking full advantage of their products and services will increase your profits. There are full-service capabilities for larger printing jobs and laminating, for example, as well as self-service options like convenient and quick print-to-store copies. Check out the Staples Business Center staples.com/businesscenter and Print & Marketing Services documents.staples.com.

2 – Join the Rewards Program

With each purchase at Staples, including most of what you’ll do with their Print & Marketing Services above, you can build up rewards. The program will let you earn up to 5% back in cash rewards on everything (excluding postage stamps, phone/gift cards and savings passes). In addition to these benefits, you’ll get free shipping on your staples.com orders over $14.99 (excluding Oversize items.) and you’ll earn $2 back in rewards for every ink or toner cartridge you recycle. Learn more at: (insert Rewards page with Link here).

Smart buyers can take advantage of membership programs to get them money or benefits back. Joining will increase your profits.

3 – Tech Services

Smart business owners know that investing in technology will have a marked impact on productivity and profits. But they also know that to get the most out of their technology, they’ll need ongoing services and support.

  • Hardware will need maintenance and even recurring replacement.
  • Software bugs will need to be addressed.
  • Operating systems must always be updated.
  • Security applications are a must for protecting against data breach, malware and viruses.
  • Critical data must be backed up daily.
  • Users should be frequently trained.
  • Computers and devices need to be setup properly.
  • Networks and Wi-Fi must be operating efficiently.

When this doesn’t happen, people become unproductive. Data gets lost. Costly interruptions occur. Sales and customer service is affected. And so ultimately are profits.

Staples has a technology services arms that addresses these headaches. By contracting with Staples you’re not only relying on a trusted, reputable resource but you’ll getting trained and certified professionals who will look after your technology investments and make sure that everything is running optimally. Staples’ technology services are competitively priced and quality driven. Relying on them for your tech infrastructure will go a long way towards increasing your profits in the years to come.




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