7 Things You Can Buy at Staples That Will Literally Change Your Business


Most of us think of Staples as a place to get the basics for our office – pens, paper and yes, even staples. But dig deeper into the office chain’s offerings and you’ll many items that would increase productivity and profits at your company. I did just that and here are six interesting things I found that could literally change your business.


1 – Anything from the Print & Marketing Services

Staples has a whole array of services at its Print & Marketing Services that can enable you to outsource all functions of not only your mailroom, but your marketing department too. The experts there can help you create eye catching business cards, signs, banners and posters for your company, promotional products for your next trade show, invitations and announcements for your next event, professional looking brochures, presentations materials and manuals, as well as great marketing materials from postcards to custom gifts for your customers.

2 – A letter folder.

If you’re doing a lot of mailings in-house, you can invest in the Martin Yale 1501X Letter Folder which will process thousands of letters in minutes, speeding up your mailing process and giving a jolt to your marketing. The machine is capable of folding brochures, programs, bulletins, newsletters and is ideal for businesses, churches, schools, and any other organizations. Or consider outsourcing these jobs to Staples Print and Marketing Services to save you time

3- An expresso machine.

There’s nothing that boosts employee moral more than good food in the break-room. And buying a Delonghi® Nespresso® Lattissima+ EN520 Capsule Espresso/Cappuccino Machine, for example, will show your employees just how much you love them. It comes in black, silver and white with an amble-sized mile carafe and water resevoir and will make your employee’s favorite cappuccino, latte, macchiato, espresso, long coffee, hot milk and hot water.

4 – A backup generator.

If your business is in an area where the power goes out then every minute you’re in the dark means you’re losing money. So it’s must that you have a backup generator like the WEN 4750 Watt CARB Portable Gasoline Generator. It runs on gasoline, weighs a hundred pounds and puts out 4750 Watts of power, plenty to keep things humming until the electric company gets things back in action.

5 – A whiteboard.

Walk into any innovative tech company in Silicon Valley and what will you see? Lots of nerds. But you’ll also see whiteboards…everywhere. That’s because great businesses (like yours) are always thinking, coming up with new ideas and hashing out solutions to the latest problems – and a great whiteboard like the Luxor®, 72″ x 40″, Steel Wall Mounted Whiteboard would be perfect for you business. With its rugged painted steel surface, the whiteboard allows you to use magnets to affix documents to the board for enhanced versatility. This whiteboard includes mounting hardware, making it simple to attach the board to drywall.

6 – A long-distance laser printer.

Hopefully, your sales team are frequently out presenting your products and services to lots of prospective customers. The trick to a good sales presentation is walking around, engaging, and keeping your messaging direct and on time. And a critical tool for doing this is the Logitech R800 Professional Presenter 100 FT-Range Green Laser Pointer. It has a built in timer and a brilliant, green laser and a wireless range of 100 meters means you’re free to move around and connect further with your audience.

7 – Promo items for your trade show.

If, like many companies I know, your industry’s trade show is one of your big marketing events of the year you want to make sure you’re equipped with all the bling necessary to make it a success. And you’ll be overwhelmed by all the great trade show items Staples offers – from posters, flyers and brochures to promo items like bike bottles, flash drives and football “stress relievers” – all with your company’s logo of course! Staples Print & Marketing Services is a one-stop shop for items like these and more.



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