Road warriors beware: What happens in Vegas might not stay there anymore

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

The conference in Las Vegas went “great,” your sales manager reports back to you. She spoke to “a lot of prospects” and made some “really valuable connections.” Are you sure? For all you know, whatever happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas. So now that you’re reviewing her expense reports do you start to wonder how much work actually got done? More importantly, do you care?

I guess some managers do. Now you can track that sales manager–and any of your other employees–while they’re on the road and representing your company.  And you can thank Concur, an SAP-owned expense management software company.

Concur’s software already allows business travelers to forward airline, hotel and other receipts to a pre-established email address where the data, using optical character recognition, or OCR, technology is extracted and put in a web-based format for review and can then be automatically imported into an accounting system.

I guess that’s not enough. So, according to this report on, the expense management company has added new features for employers to “gain a new level of transparency over where their employees are while on business trips.” The company will incorporate location data starting early next year. The software can already do some of this via data collected from airline bookings or taxi cab receipts. But the company is ready to take it to the next level. It’s not just GPS. It’s “location awareness” that will incorporate GPS tracking with expense data while on the road.

Concur assures that the software will comply with privacy regulations across markets.

“Now, you can easily show location awareness without feeling like you are being watched,” Doug Anderson, the company’s senior vice president for travel product strategy, told

I’m sure that will set everyone’s mind at ease.


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