Facebook Introduces Recruiting Tools And Other Small Business Tech News This Week


(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Facebook now offers tools to recruit new employees.

The social media giant has added a new “jobs” feature for its business pages so that companies can post open positions to recruit new employees. (Source: TechCrunch)

Why this is important for your business:

Social media services like LinkedIn have become a very popular resource for job-seekers. Facebook’s new tools will make it easier to find people for your business.

2 – PayPal can use Siri to pay your bills.

PayPal has introduced support for Apple’s Siri this week. (Source: The Verge)
Why this is important for your business:

“Siri, pay that guy!” The new feature will make bill paying easier by giving you the ability to send money to your freelancers, contractors and vendors just by a voice command.   (PayPal is a Marks Group client, but has received no compensation for this mention).

3 – Google Search will soon be prioritizing mobile websites.

Google has begun experimenting with a new index that will punish websites that don’t conform to a smartphone’s display. (Source: Engadget)

Why this is important for your business:

Your customers are all searching on their mobile devices, and you want to be certain your website is found or you could lose business. Make sure your site is mobile-optimized and properly displayed on smartphones or Google will punish you.

4 – LinkedIn makes it easier to send sponsored direct messages.

You can now send sponsored InMail messages using LinkedIn’s campaign manager on your own. Previously, you needed the help of a LinkedIn account representative to do this. (Source: VentureBeat)
Why this is important for your business: 

If you’re choosing to advertise on LinkedIn, you can do this easier, faster and independently. Just please don’t send me any ads, OK?

5 – Viber makes it easier to connect with its 800 million users.

Viber is a very popular messaging platform, and it’s introducing a “yellow pages” feature to easily locate others on its network. (Source: VentureBeat)

Why this is important for your business:

If you’re a Viber user, you can connect to the database with your customer relationship management system and initiate live chats with humans or chatbots. This could improve your company’s service delivery to your customers using the messaging platform.

Finally – scientists have developed solar tiles so flexible that light can be captured in curtains and wallpaper and then recycled into energy to power devices in homes and offices. That should light up your life.


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