Are your employees moaning too much? They do in Britain.

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

Small business owners in Britain have had a lot to deal with this year including a slow economy, a Brexit, a falling pound, noisy eaters and moaners. Wait, what?

Yes, it’s true. As reported by the BBC, a new survey commissioned by Samsung of 1,000 workers at British companies with less than 250 employees found that noisy or messy eaters and moaning (moaning?) were among the top complaints in the workplace.

Want to take a guess what the number one distraction is?

No surprise, it’s technology. One would think that all those great new apps and devices are making our people much more productive. But apparently not. Ninety-two percent of those surveyed complained that crashing computers and slow Internet caused a loss of almost 30 minutes a day of working time. Also among top concerns was the temperature in the office (a complaint that’s been backed up by real data as I wrote earlier this year).

The Samsung report suggests all these problems result in a wasted five-and-a-half hours per week for each worker. Another result: those noisy eaters and incessant moaners are causing others to just get up and leave their job altogether, as 20  percent of those surveyed said they did.

“This is a big issue for the UK as it currently sits 7th in the G7 and 17th in the G20 on productivity per person, showing that these distractions could be causing a big impact.” a University of Manchester professor told the BBC.

I realize your economy is down, both Alan Rickman and David Bowie passed away, the weather is lousy and your football team did horribly in the European championships, but moaning? Really?


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