12 Cool Technologies From CES That Will Power Your Business This Year (and in the Future)


(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

CES 2017 has been a hit this week in Las Vegas and although most of the cool technology is focused towards consumers, there are some great new gadgets that will also help your employees be more productive…and therefore more profitable. Here are 12 great technologies that you should consider from the show.

Laptop/Tablet: Lenovo MIx 720
It’s a 12 inch Windows 10 that’s as close to Microsoft’s popular Surface Pro as you can get. It’s thin, lightweight, durable and the perfect new tool for the employee on the go. With its seventh-generation Core i7 processor you can use it as a powerful tablet or add a keyboard to turn it into a great laptop. Cost is about $1,000.

Macbook Add-On: Neonode AirBar
This useful accessory turns your Macbook Air into a touch screen. Brilliant – and for only $99.

Storage: Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT
This flashdrive holds up to two terabytes (yes, terabytes) of data, which means it’s officially the world’s largest security flash drive. Storing stuff on the cloud (and of course making backups) is essential for all your employees, but for those who will be a place with sketch Internet, this little drive will bring all the data needed. No price announced yet, but it’ll be available sometime this year. Pricing not announced.

Printer: Mangoslab Nemonic
What makes this printer unique is that it prints anything you create from a stylus, keyboard or graphic onto a sticky not which you can then hang on your workmate’s desk to annoy her. It doesn’t all in just five seconds and will work with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Best of all, it doesn’t use any ink – just thermal printing (of course the sticky-note paper is what you’ll buy). The product is expected to be released in 2017. No pricing announced.

Camera: Olloclip
Olloclip’s been making add-on lenses for a while and its newest ones snap on to an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus to provide amazingly clear and professional photographs. It will even fit over your screen protector. A must-have for any business that relies on photography for its website, communications and marketing materials. Price is about $80.

Power: Cota Tile
Everyone in your office is complaining about their phones running out of juice, and now more than ever they need their phones to get business done. Now you can solve that problem just by purchasing a few Cota Tiles. These are tiles that you insert in the ceiling of a conference room or break room or over an employee’s desk and it safely provides wireless power to charge their device. Pricing not announced.

Security: Samsung Wisenet-Smart Cam A1 Home Security System
Yeah, I know it says “home” security system but this can also be easily used for your small business, shop or home office too. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor applications and includes a 1080p HD indoor camera with a 380-degree pan (and 130 degree wide angle lens). The system can track moving objects within designated areas too. All via your remote device. Pricing not announced.

Hotspot Plus More: Falsetto Link
If you really want to take storage to the next level for your mobile employee, consider the Fasetto Link, which merges an LTE hotspot with a huge, network-attached storage unit. It has up to 2 TB of storage available, a fast processor and dedicated connections using Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth and USB-C. Price is $1,400

Smart Glasses: Lenovo Glass C200
Smart glasses are still a thing and many companies, like Lenovo, are developing new units that can be programmed to pick up data by your employees wherever they are in your office or plant. The Glass 200 wants to make Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality easier for businesses. By investing some time and development dollars your people can snap photos, get inventory information, send back data and report on issues by just looking. Smart glasses will continue to play a greater role in businesses over the next few years. Pricing not announced.

Augmented Glasses: ODG AR glasses
This pair of glasses from Osterhout Design Group is geared towards consumers – but with plenty of business uses. Grab the developer version later this year, hire a programmer and create an AR application that will better show off your products, your company and your services. It’s got a 40-degree field-of-view HD screen, weighs less than five ounces and doesn’t need a PC. Pricing not announced.

Not Sure What To Call this: Carnival’s Cool IoT Device
Carnival Cruise Lines introduced a medallion that its passengers will soon be wearing. The the Internet of Things device will track where they are and automatically read their preferences so that staff on the cruise line can better serve their needs and whims without even asking. Although the technology is propriety, look for it to be used by others so that one day your customers will enter your store and you’ll automatically know what they’ve bought in the past and what they’re interested in without even asking.


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