Offended by remarks, Mexican attorney rolls out new Trump toilet paper

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

Not only are socially conscious companies popular in the United States, but a few entrepreneurs across our southern border are looking to support causes that are important to them, too.

Back in August, 2015, for example, Mexican lawyer Antonio Battaglia was offended by Donald Trump’s remarks about immigration. He was also very concerned, even before the real estate developer announced his candidacy, that Trump could actually win the presidential election – and what that would mean for immigrants and other foreigners in the United States.

“It annoyed me and I started to look for a way to do something that would have an impact, not in a tone of mocking or revenge but in a positive way,” the lawyer told the Spanish language CNN Expansión (and reported here in Mexico News Daily). So the entrepreneurial lawyer (who also works for his family-owned shoe manufacturing business) made a hunch…and registered a very unique trademark with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property: Trump toilet paper.

Given that the market for toilet paper and napkins in Mexico is about $1 billion per year Battaglia saw an opportunity to put a socially conscious spin on something that everyone in his country needs.

After considerable effort, he finally found a factory – in Mexico, by the way. He’s invested about $22,000. He’s ready to produce and sell. More importantly, he’s hoping to allocate up to 30 percent of his profits to organizations that aid migrants and deportees, particularly in his hometown of Guanajuato.

The Trump toilet paper brand is set to hit stores in Mexico before the end of the year, promising “softness without borders.” Given the attention he’s received so far, Battaglia – and the organizations he will support – are likely to be “flush” with cash.  Sorry, couldn’t resist!




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