Four Ways That Staples Has Become My One-Stop-Shop Marketing Partner

My ten-person company sells and implements business software – we have about 600 active clients. I’m the owner and I’m responsible for it all. But really, my job is primarily sales and marketing. I’m tasked with finding opportunities, qualifying leads and nurturing prospects towards becoming clients so I can hand them off to my team for implementation.

Being a small business, I can’t do all of this sales and marketing work on my own. I also can’t afford to hire more people. So I lean heavily on Staples as my one-stop shop for my sales and marketing needs. Yes, Staples is sponsoring this blog. But the facts are the facts. Here’s how.

I use Staples for my design work.

Over the years, I’ve changed our logo and our brand a few times – nothing major but enough to keep up with the times. In the past I’ve had to hire expensive consultants to do this. Recently, I’ve used Staples. With their logo design services, I was able to meet one-on-one with a design consultant to choose the right solution for my business. Based on our discussions, the Staples designer created examples for me and within three days I was presented with great concepts. The process was simple, fast and affordable.

Staples does my company’s business cards.

Even in this day of smartphones and digital communications, I still find myself handing out business cards at meetings and events, don’t you? I’m not sure if this old school manner of introduction will ever go away – or if I want it to. There’s something cool about it. Staples helps me keep it cool. I turn to them for my business cards, and have used their templates to create or update my existing cards, which has allowed me to maintain control of the process. The templates are modern and appealing- they also give me options for print, color and finishing. Staples also offers many types of card stock thicknesses and finishes too, and I’ve sprung in the past for the better ones to impress my audience. The best part is the turnaround – I usually get them within the same day of ordering or within a three day delivery period. Best yet- they’re priced right: 500 cards start at just $14.99.

I do postcard campaigns through Staples.

Email is popular, but people still read things they get in the mail. I’ve found that my client base in particular responds to printed marketing materials. I don’t want to spend too much money so I’ve worked with Staples on postcard campaigns. They helped me choose and design a personalized postcard from hundreds of templates to remind both clients and prospects of the services we provide as well as help us promote our in-person trainings and meetups. I’ve sent both standard and oversized postcards – some with a matte or glossy finish (depending on how rich I’m feeling that month). A few times I’ve mailed them myself but recently I’ve relied on Staples do that for me with their direct mail services, which includes either using my own list or a personalized solution to build a new list based on advanced demographic, geographic and behavioral data.


Staples gives me trade show support.

Every year my company does a few trade shows. I find them not only helpful for lead generation but also to provide an opportunity to see others in my industry, share ideas and get education. Unfortunately, trade shows aren’t cheap. My booth or table needs to look professional and attractive. To help I’ve turned to Staples. I’ve purchased and customized banners from them which has helped me increase my brand recognition and value, and promote new services we’re offering. Staples offers hundreds of banner templates in many sizes, along with banner stands and accessories. Anyone who attends trade shows knows that promotional products – those silly toys, pens, charging cables and earbuds – are a fun way to attract attention for your company. I buy those products at Staples, too. They offer hundreds of choices and I can put my company’s logo on any of them.


Running a small business is challenging. The good news is that there are good companies that help me keep my costs down. Staples is one of them. I rely heavily on them and consider them a one-stop-shop marketing partner.








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