This is what happens in Wichita when a business owner is shot during a robbery attempt

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

“There’s a difference between being a business owner and being a business leader,” Lance Minor, a business owner in Wichita, Kansas said to KSN, a local television station. “Business owners are interested in making a profit and business leaders are interested in making a difference.”

Minor and other business owners in the Wichita, Kansas area proved themselves to be leaders this week – along with many others in the community. They all rallied around the wife and family of 58-year-old Ruben Acosta, the owner of Ruben’s Mexican Grill. Acosta was shot during an armed robbery attempt two weeks ago and remains hospitalized. But that didn’t stop his family from re-opening the popular restaurant Monday.

“I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls and texts and everything and everybody would like for us to open up,” Ruben’s wife Anita Acosta told KSN. “So, I decided to go ahead and do it. Our staff needs the money and we’re going to be there for them.” Acosta’s grand-daughter and brother-in-law are also pitching in.

The local business community in Wichita stepped up to help one of their own. Among them include Minor, the chief executive of Aero Plains Brewery who announced his company will release a new beer named after Acosta with a portion of the proceeds to go into a fund to help with medical bills. Besides Minor, a local soup kitchen hosted a fundraiser and sold “Reuben” sandwiches after running out of its originally planned meal – a special beef enchilada in Acosta’s honor, according to this report from The Wichita Eagle.

After friends and employees spent their time replacing walls and repairing the damage caused by the shooting, business returned. Dozens of local customers and people from all over the area – including members of the Wichita Police Department – came to the restaurant to pay their respects and show their support.

Acosta wife was grateful. “Ruben would want me to do this for him,” she said. A page has been set up on to support the business owner.


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