A Naked Restaurant In Paris Shuts After 15 Months


(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

Care for some additional toe cheese with your bread ma’am? May I bring you more pubic hair, sir?

In what many would consider a positive step forward for humanity, the owners of Paris’ first (and hopefully last) nudist restaurant – aptly named O’naturel – have announced that they will be shutting down their eatery in February after just 15 months in operation. The reason isn’t just the lack of clothes. It appears to be a lack of customers, according to this report in The Independent, which also includes a few action photos of unclothed diners eating that should permanently put to rest any interest you may have had in eating there.

But what a sad, sad day it is for the 2.7 million practicing nudists in France, right?

No longer do they have a restaurant of their own. No longer can they share in the good times of shedding their clothes in a changing room and eating their meals amongst fellow diners wearing nothing more than a pair of slippers and a smile (house rules require teenagers to remain clothed). No longer can like-minded diners enjoy turkey legs, breast of chicken, pork butt or the restaurant’s specialty: mixed nuts. (Just kidding about that – the menu – which has a fixed price of about $60 – actually consists of classic French cuisine such as foie gras, rack of lamb and crème brûlée but my advice is to not ask where the crème comes from).

The owners – 43-year-old twins Mike and Stephane Saada who are also oddly non-nudists –  said in a statement that they “will only remember the good times, meeting beautiful people and customers who were delighted to share exceptional moments.” Side note: black covers are placed over each chair and are discreetly changed each time before a new “beautiful” person is seated.

But does this come as a surprise to anyone, naked or clothed? Of course not.

Turns out that, while some people prefer to engage in common activities without wearing clothes, even they appreciate a decent meal, particularly when dining out. I’ve personally never eaten at O’naturel (a fact that I’m sure comes as a relief to all Parisians) but I have a suspicion that if the restaurant’s food was up to snuff then perhaps more customers would have eaten there…even in the buff.

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