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3 Places Where You Can Learn More

(This post originally appeared on The UPS Store)

Running a small business is all about learning from your mistakes. Sometimes you’ll get luck and can learn from other people’s mistakes. But never fear, you’ll make plenty yourself. Everyone does. There’s no better way to get better.

But along the way, many smart business owners look to minimize their mistakes and maximize their knowledge by reaching out to resources available to them to help them run their companies. And I know of three excellent ones you should consider.

1. SCORE. The UPS Store recently partnered with SCORE, but that’s not why I’m writing about them. I’m writing about them because I’ve known the organization for years and have watched with my own eyes as they’ve helped startups and existing business owners avoid mistakes and grow their companies. SCORE used to be made up of a bunch of retired people, but now they’re also bringing in active entrepreneurs and business people too. It’s a non-profit group, somewhat supported by the government that offers free, seasoned business executives to counsel and cajole business owners so that they can make better decisions. SCORE also provides plenty of educational programs too, but their strong suit is their people. Getting a good SCORE consultant is gold. Read More…

Five tips to start your own business

(This post originally appeared on The UPS Store)

You want to start your own business. You want to be your own boss. You want to realize the American dream and become that entrepreneur that you’ve always wanted to be. That’s great. But hold on there, tiger. I started my technology sales and service company almost twenty years ago from nothing. Now I’ve got ten employees, a dozen contractors and 600 active customers. And I’m bald. So here’s the reality: owning a small business is challenging, rewarding and can be very profitable. But it’s important to do this with your eyes wide open! It’s a great thing, but like all great things, it’s not easy. You will have many bosses too: your customers, your employees, your partners, your family. So here are five things I’ve learned from running my business that you need to know before you start yours. Ready?

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