3 Ways Facebook Just Made It Harder For People To See Your Videos

(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

Last week, Facebook announced three changes to its an algorithm that, in the end, will make it more difficult for your company and mine to get our videos viewed.

The company is tweaking the underlying code that determines where and how often information – particularly videos – come up on a user’s News Feed. If a video is determined to have less watch times, less repeat views or is deemed unoriginal or re-purposed then it will be pushed down on a user’s feed. That means less access, less views, less visibility and – if this is part of your advertising revenue stream – less money.

“We want to help talented video creators find their audience and build profitable video businesses on Facebook,” David Miller, a product management director at the company wrote in a blog post. “We want to help media companies — whether large, small, global, or local — continue their invaluable work. And above all, we want to help people on Facebook discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them.”

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Microsoft and Facebook Have New Tools…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Microsoft introduces a few cool small business tools at its Build conference.

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build 2019, attracted 15,000 programmers, developers, partners and coders to hear about all the new tools that the company is introducing to help them build better solutions for their clients. Although most of the stuff the company announced are technical tools, there were some announcements that will impact small businesses very soon.  They are improved Power BI and Power Apps, Microsoft Search and Ideas in Word. (My company is a Microsoft partner but I’ve received no compensation to write this). (Source:  Venturebeat) Read More…

Tax season was good news for small businesses – and bad for job seekers

(This post originally appeared on The Guardian)

A new survey revealed some interesting things about small businesses and this past year’s tax season. Plus some bad news for job seekers and some good news for Donald Trump.

For starters – and despite all the news about smaller refunds and the complexities of the 2017 tax reform legislation – small businesses were actually happy with the way this past year’s tax season turned out. About 51% of the more than 300 small business owners asked in a recent study conducted by the cloud hosting firm Right Networks said their tax season was either “streamlined” or “satisfying” with only 8% saying it was “disappointing”.

The – ahem – accountants (you’re welcome) got much of the credit. Overwhelmingly, in fact. Read More…

A Senate idea to get behind: new bill would help ex-prisoners start a business

(This post originally appeared on The Guardian)

Ben Cardin, the ranking Democrat on the Senate committee on small business and entrepreneurship, last month introduced the New Start Act. The legislation is designed to enable the Small Business Administration to award grants, counseling, training and other services to convicted criminals returning back to society after time served, all with the aim towards helping them start businesses.

Cardin is not new to the issue of prison reform. He was a co-sponsor of another bill, enacted at the end of 2018, which reduced sentences for certain low-level non-violent offenders and provided programs to help people who have been in prison rejoin their communities. The New Start bill will take this one step further. Read More…

Microsoft Just Announced These Three Cool Things That Will Impact Your Business

(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

Yes, the Microsoft community are a bunch of nerds. My firm is a Microsoft partner. So we should know.

But Microsoft loves these people. And can you blame them? They’re the ones that develop tools and technologies that help them – and us – make more money. During Microsoft’s Build 2019 conference, which wrapped up yesterday and which attracted approximately 15,000 of the company’s finest programmers, developers, partners and code-builders from around the world, Microsoft announced a bunch of super-nerdy programming tools that will not interest most business owners.

But the company also introduced three new things should interest business owners a lot. Read More…

Loans, government contracts, advice: The many different ways small businesses can get help from SBA

(This post originally appeared on Philly.com)

This week is National Small Business Week, a period set aside to recognize the contributions that nearly 30 million small businesses in this country make to the economy. For the U.S. Small Business Administration, this week is like the Super Bowl.

That’s because the SBA – which was created more than 65 years ago – uses this time of year to increase awareness of what it can do to help support those businesses, which include 750,000 that are located in the 40 eastern counties of Pennsylvania alone.

Some of my clients are aware of the agency. Many are not. I’m not sure why. But here’s what I do know: The government spends billions of dollars every year on contracts, loans, programs and services specifically devoted to small businesses. So why not take advantage? To that end, here are ways to profit from a relationship with the SBA.

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10 Small Business Apps, Services And Tech Platforms Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

If you want to know the best place to keep up with technology for your business, follow my weekly tech roundups for entrepreneurs each week. You’ll learn because I’m always learning.

So what have I learned? Businesses that invest in the right technologies are assuring future growth and success.  I’ve also learned that there are a few apps, services and technologies – about ten categories in all – that are critical for small businesses in 2019. So in honor of National Small Business Week, I thought it would be helpful to share. Read More…