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10 Small Business Apps, Services And Tech Platforms Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

If you want to know the best place to keep up with technology for your business, follow my weekly tech roundups for entrepreneurs each week. You’ll learn because I’m always learning.

So what have I learned? Businesses that invest in the right technologies are assuring future growth and success.  I’ve also learned that there are a few apps, services and technologies – about ten categories in all – that are critical for small businesses in 2019. So in honor of National Small Business Week, I thought it would be helpful to share. Read More…

Everybody loves to hate the open office, but is it dead yet?

(This post originally appeared on Philly.com)

When I started working at my first job after college in the mid-1980s, the typical office was made up of cubicles, where every employee had his or her own private space. Offices have changed a lot since then. Now open-plan spaces, where workers share desks in large rooms without any barriers or cubicles blocking their views, seem to be everywhere.

Many large companies — from Apple to co-working locations, such as WeWork — have replaced ugly and claustrophobic little rooms with bright, open-space areas that offer wide views and a more team-oriented environment. Open-plan offices promised to help employees collaborate better and be more productive, improve workers’ health, reduce construction costs, and provide more flexibility as the workplace changes. Read More…

Facebook’s new features specifically target businesses

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(This post originally appeared on The Washington Post)

Although tens of millions of small businesses have Facebook pages for their companies, most of the owners I know do not really consider the social media platform to be a business productivity or collaboration tool. That perception may soon change.

This week, Facebook announced some big upgrades to Workplace, its $3 per month “premium” user office collaboration service. Workplace was launched in 2016 and has quietly grown as a popular way for companies of all sizes (including big brands like Walmart, Starbucks and Domino’s) to internally collaborate with employees, customers and others in its community via group chats, messaging and video calls. Read More…