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Is an influencer promoting your business? Sign an agreement – or risk getting burned

(This post originally appeared on The Guardian)

These days many a small business may be thinking about hiring a social media influencer to help create buzz about their business. It may be worthwhile. But for one owner of a small cafe in Melbourne, it turned into a disaster.

Con Katsiogiannis, in an effort to draw a cool crowd to his business, last year hired Chloe Roberts, a self-described “gym ambassador”, fellow Aussie and social media influencer. Roberts is no Kim Kardashian (who reportedly charges anywhere between $300,000 and $500,000 an Instagram post, if you believe that) but she’s no Instagram slouch either. As of this writing, she has about 128,000 followers who like to keep up on what she’s doing, where she’s eating and what her tan looks like. Read More…

On CRM: Mailchimp Is Introducing A CRM. So Who’s Next?

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Mailchimp, the popular email marketing software that’s enjoyed by millions of users around the world, is announcing a new Marketing CRM module.


I say duh because, well, isn’t it obvious? I can’t count the number of times that, when asked what CRM application they use, a small business owner replies to me with “Mailchimp” or “Constant Contact” or “Emma” or any number of a group of email marketing platforms.

But the thing is, these applications are not CRM applications.  They are, as just mentioned, email marketing platforms.  They allow their users to create campaigns, design templates, send out professional looking emails and then track the results. They also give these users the ability to store multiple lists of contacts targeted for their campaigns. Read More…

3 Ways Facebook Just Made It Harder For People To See Your Videos

(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

Last week, Facebook announced three changes to its an algorithm that, in the end, will make it more difficult for your company and mine to get our videos viewed.

The company is tweaking the underlying code that determines where and how often information – particularly videos – come up on a user’s News Feed. If a video is determined to have less watch times, less repeat views or is deemed unoriginal or re-purposed then it will be pushed down on a user’s feed. That means less access, less views, less visibility and – if this is part of your advertising revenue stream – less money.

“We want to help talented video creators find their audience and build profitable video businesses on Facebook,” David Miller, a product management director at the company wrote in a blog post. “We want to help media companies — whether large, small, global, or local — continue their invaluable work. And above all, we want to help people on Facebook discover great videos and build relationships with the creators and publishers that matter to them.”

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Microsoft and Facebook Have New Tools…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?

1 – Microsoft introduces a few cool small business tools at its Build conference.

Microsoft’s annual developer conference, Build 2019, attracted 15,000 programmers, developers, partners and coders to hear about all the new tools that the company is introducing to help them build better solutions for their clients. Although most of the stuff the company announced are technical tools, there were some announcements that will impact small businesses very soon.  They are improved Power BI and Power Apps, Microsoft Search and Ideas in Word. (My company is a Microsoft partner but I’ve received no compensation to write this). (Source:  Venturebeat) Read More…

Why Twitter Is An Awful Place For Your Business

(This post originally appeared on Inc.)

Twitter uses said this. The President tweeted that. Kanye tweet something else. Twitter’s growing, Twitter’s failing. Twitter is toxic. Twitter is free speech. Twitter’s amazing. Twitter’s horrible. Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, Twitter!

Make no mistake, Twitter has its uses. You can go there to get news and information (and some of it’s even real). You can see what your favorite celebrity is up to. You can laugh at hilarious memes and jokes. You can commiserate with fellow @phillies fans like me when another save opportunity is blown. You can argue politics with complete strangers.

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Small business owners: be smart with marketing, and don’t mess with LGBTQ

(This post originally appeared on The Guardian)

How many times do I have to tell you? It’s 2019!

That means if you’re running a small business, you need to be very careful about your marketing. Your business can’t have a sign showing a sexy cow. You need to be careful of cultural appropriation. And you shouldn’t “play” with the LGBTQ acronym. This kind of stuff will get you in trouble.

That’s what Jamie Smith, the owner of Belle’s Smokin BBQ, a food truck in Williamstown, Kentucky learned. Read More…

Really? CRM For The Cannabis Industry?

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Oftentimes I meet with sales and marketing executives who work for manufacturing, distribution, field service, pharmaceutical or retail companies and they ask for CRM systems that are suited to their industry.  These are specific verticals. So why not cannabis?

The cannabis industry – as we all know – has been exploding. Billions of dollars in revenues have been created in the more than half of the states in the country that now allow the medical or recreational use of the product. Growers, dispensaries, distributors, and a whole host of other indirect companies have benefited from the legal marijuana trend. So why not CRM? Read More…