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On CRM: Adobe Plus LinkedIn Plus Microsoft Could Be A Killer Combo For Marketers, Big And Small

(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Once upon a time, Adobe made Flash and a popular PDF converter and of course Photoshop – that great desktop software for publishers and graphic designers.  But times have certainly changed.  Over the past few years, the company has leveraged its core offerings and morphed them into a number of powerful marketing tools that encompass videos, 3-D illustrations and powerful graphics.

So what to do with all this great looking stuff? Enter Microsoft. And LinkedIn.

According to an announcement the companies made at last week’s Adobe Summit, the company is partnering with Microsoft and LinkedIn (which is owned by Microsoft) to offer a one-stop-shop lead generation solution. Read More…

On CRM: JotForm Adds HubSpot So That You Can Stop Losing Website Leads


(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

It amazes me how many companies I know – particularly small companies – that go to great effort and expense to build cool websites and attract leads don’t complete the process. There’s a disconnect when visitors arrive and request more information or have a question. When they fill out a form their contact data is just emailed to someone in the sales department who then has to enter that information again into the company’s CRM system. Errors occur and – not surprisingly – follow-ups are unreliable.

It happens a lot and when it does sales inevitably get lost. And yet, simply integrating a company’s website with their CRM application would solve that problem and create more revenue opportunities.

Maybe the fact that this isn’t happening as much as I would’ve thought isn’t so amazing. Most good, mainstream CRM applications do have the ability to integrate themselves with a customer’s website. But it takes some effort and a little technical expertise and these are the kinds of things that are sometimes in short supply at the typical small business.

But there’s an easy way to do this which doesn’t take much effort or expertise. Just create a JotForm and use its built-in integration with popular CRMs and email marketing applications like ZohoVerticalResponseMailChimpInsightlyKeapHighriseConstant ContactSalesforce.com and now…HubSpot. Read More…

Five Technologies Every Construction Company Should Own


(This post originally appeared on Inc)

You’re a small contractor or you run a mid-sized construction business.  You do general contracting or you specialize in drywall. You build retail stores or you build homes. Either way, you either employ, partner or contract with mechanical engineers, electricians, carpenters, masons, welders, glaziers and many others like them.

When it comes to technology, none of those specifics matter. That’s because if you’re in the construction business you’re likely doing the same thing. You’re estimating jobs. You’re overseeing projects. You’re managing teams. You’re making calculations.  All of these tasks – and many others – have been made easier by technology and the smartest construction clients my firm works with are leveraging new technologies to improve productivity, quality, safety and profit.

Here are five construction techs that I like.

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Why shouldn’t there be a Yelp-like app for Trump-supporting diners?

(This post originally appeared on The Guardian)

Can’t a Trump supporter find a quiet place to eat dinner nowadays? Geez! Across the country, people who openly display their support of the president – usually via some type of Make America Great Again clothing – are getting harassed in public restaurants and other places of business. Thank goodness a clever entrepreneur has come up with a solution: it’s called 63red Safe.

63red Safe is a mobile app that differs from other review services in one major way: it provides information to its users about whether a business is safe from politics, especially for those that lean right.

“I’m trying to position it as an everyday ‘where can I go eat safely’ app,” Scott Wallace, the app’s founder, told the Daily Beast. Read More…

Beware of ransomware: Small businesses can take these simple steps to protect themselves

(This post originally appeared on Philly.com)

Ever heard of GandCrab, Ryuk, BitPaymer, SamSam, or Matrix?

They are all different forms of ransomware, a type of computer virus that for the last few years has wreaked havoc on businesses and organizations — big and small — around the world and is not going away anytime soon. It’s likely that your business has bumped into this problem. If not, you probably will.

There are plenty of other types of viruses and malware that can affect your business. But ransomware is particularly concerning because it’s a moneymaker for the entrepreneurial computer hacker. Just this last week, for example, a Georgia county paid more than $400,000 to get rid of a ransomware virus. Over the last few years, costly attacks have hit such big organizations as Merck, FedEx, Britain’s National Health Service, San Diego’s ports, and a Connecticut school district. And those are the just some of the cases reported. Read More…

Should You Consider Facebook Workplace For Your Business?


(This post originally appeared on Inc)

With all of the negative news surrounding Facebook’s privacy and data woes, should your business consider using their Workplace collaboration tool? Of course you should. Two million users already have, and that number is growing.

Workplace is Facebook’s business application. Think of it as an “internal” Facebook, a platform where you and your employees can chat, message and share information about your customers, prospects and others in your community. Did I mention that it’s free? Oops…sorry.

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On CRM: Ads In Emails? Really? A New Study Says Yes.


(This post originally appeared on Forbes)

Here’s something I never seriously considered: including paid ads in the body of an email campaign.  Paid ads? You would think that in today’s world of advertising overload most recipients would be turned off.  Turns out they’re not.

At least that’s the conclusion from a new study commissioned by Powerinbox, a company that (surprise!) provides email marketing services and offers what it calls “personalized subscriber engagement” to some of the world’s largest publishers so that they can get their messaging out by – you guessed it –  placing advertisements in emails.

So there may be some bias here.  But I’m not sure that matters when you consider the findings. According to the study – which was conducted by Mantis Research, an independent research firm – 40 percent of the people surveyed said that having ads in an email didn’t bother them at all and – surprising to me – almost two-thirds of them said they would actually click on an ad.  Unfortunately, I could not find where the actual sample size of this study was disclosed. Read More…